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The Spot Boutique is a playground for adults. Call us in Plano Texas 972-818-8400

Ida by LELO Couples' Massager

Ida by LELO Couples' Massager

Ida by LELO Couples' Massager: An Adult Toy That Makes it Easy to Feel theLove Together!

I was so tired of trying to find creative ways to use my 'women only'adult toys with my partner, using clitoral bullets in certain positions(which can get uncomfortable), or using it on his perineum, but we couldnever enjoy the stimulation together. Then LELO came out with a newcouples' toy design called Ida, and everything just became easier! Havingsomething like the Ida that has everything a woman could want from a sextoy (clitoral stimulation, penetration, AND G-spot stimulation) that myboyfriend could also get benefits from, has been amazing!

The Ida has this fantastic rotating tail that slides into the vagina andgently caresses the G-spot. The clitoral simulator has a flat top to it,so it's very comfortable for both partners. What's really sensational isif you tighten around the inserted arm, the top will start to rotate,massaging and vibrating on the clitoris.

Lets not forget the sensations for the men! Guys, you will be able to feelthe vibrations all the way through the tail, and the rotation will gentlymassage the shaft of your penis. Plus, the Ida can be placed around theshaft, making the toy vibrate and massage around you (similar concept to avibrating c-ring, but better!).

The design of the Ida, combined with the known quality of the LELO 100%body-safe (crazy soft!) silicone, AND the sense-motion functions (plus 4other vibrating patterns) of the remote makes this adult toy the ultimatein keeping lovers connected. Exploring different positions, andexperimenting with this toy will be a great adventure!

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What are Cock Rings Used For?

*What are Cock Rings Used For?

One of the simplest adult pleasure objects in the business also tends to bethe most perplexing to many people. If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it onehundred times: a customer completely understands the 9-speed, 12-function,4-buttoned vibrator with ease, but is confused by a simple rubber ring.“What is this supposed to do?” they inevitably ask.

The cock ring - or gentleman’s ring, as I prefer to call it - is a devicethat many men wear around their genitals during intercourse. This simplepleasure object is slipped onto the base of the penis after an erection hasbeen achieved. It then restricts blood from flowing away from the penis,allowing the wearer to stay harder for longer.

This can help men achieve many different sexual goals. For example, men whoexperience premature erectile loss can benefit from this simple littlering, which ensures that blood flow will stay exactly where you want ituntil you’re ready to have amazing orgasms. It may also help with couplesin which the man experiences premature ejaculation. Because the ring keepsthe penis erect even after ejaculation, someone who wears a gentleman’sring can keep pleasuring their partner long after they themselves haveorgasmed.

Gentlemen’s rings can be made from a variety of materials, includingelastomer, rubber, metal, plastic, silicone, and leather. Each material hasits own benefits. Talk to a knowledgeable sales clerk to find whichmaterial is best for you.

Cock rings also come in different sizes. Some are only for use around thebase of the penis, while others can wrap around the testicles as well. Formen who suffer from premature ejaculation, I would recommend a ring thatgoes around the whole package.

The most popular variation on the gentleman’s ring is the vibrating ring.JimmyJane and LELO both make wonderful vibrating rings, which are great forcouples. The wearer experiences all the pleasure of a regular ring, withthe added stimulation of powerful vibrations. The ring also turns thewearer into a vibrator for his partner - so to speak. As an extra bonus,the vibrating part of the ring can be positioned to stimulate the clitorisduring intercourse. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Do you have any questions about gentlemen’s rings? Let us know! You canfollow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or stop by the store anytime.We are located on PReston Road where it meets the George Bush Turnpike.

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Threesome Etiquette for Couples

*Threesome Etiquette for Couples*

Lots of couples, including those who typically consider themselvesmonogamous, experiment with bringing another person into the bedroom.Threesomes, as those interactions are called, can be beneficial to everyoneinvolved, so long as everyone minds their manners. The trouble is that manypeople are confused about how to engage in a threesome without any feelingsgetting hurt.

The confusion is completely understandable. After all, threesomes in pornand pop culture can be very misleading, and this type of sexual activity ishardly even talked about outside of those realms. However, it is veryimportant that everyone involved in a manage a trios follow these simplerules.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

If you only read one tip from this blog, let it be this one. Whether youare part of the primary couple or the new person coming in, you need to letyour needs be heard and understood. Likewise, you need to listen to andrespect the needs of others.

All three people should sit down before the encounter takes place andhammer out the details, including specific boundaries. Ideally, thisconversation would happen at least one day in advance. That way, everyonehas time to think about boundaries and make sure they are comfortable withwhat is going to happen.

Regardless of when the conversation takes place, make sure to determine whowill react with whom and in what ways. Don’t worry, this can be a lotsexier than you might imagine. This conversation can include talkingthrough your fantasies, listening to their desires, and getting excitedabout the upcoming action. Whatever you do, make it fun, comfortable, andproductive.

Protection is Important

Proper sexual protection is key to not regretting your threesome when it’sdone. If there is a penis involved, condoms are going to need to be onhand. Remember to switch condoms each time the penis switches partners. Ofcourse, normal condom rules apply, such as no double-bagging and no expiredcondoms.

It’s also very cinsiderate if each person involved gets tested for STIsbefore engaging in a threesome. This gives everyone peace of mind, whichwill allow for more relaxation and fun. There’s nothing like the lingeringthreat of STIs to ruin a perfectly good evening.

How Not to Be a Third Wheel

Sometimes, the two other members of your party may start really gettinginto each other. Maybe they will be in the middle of getting to an awesomeorgasm. Of course, you don’t want to feel left out, but you also don’t wantto mess up a good groove. What should you do?

Believe it or not, you have several options in this scenario. You can touchyourself while watching, if that sounds fun. Alternatively, you can easeyour way back into the thick of it. Make eye contact, and start gentlytouching or kissing someone. Make sure to add to someone’s pleasure, andyou will receive pleasure in return.

Know When to Call It

This role goes for all sexual encounters, but it’s worth mentioning here.If at any time during the threesome you feel uncomfortable, stop. This sortof goes back to the first rule. It’s a lot easier to recover from athreesome gone awry if it stops the moment things take a turn for the worse.

Have Fun

With all these rules, you would think I don’t want you to have a good time!That simply isn’t true. These guidelines are just that, and they are hereto help you navigate this exciting new world. Everything you do should helpensure that everyone involved has a good time.

Remember, this is supposed to be one of the most thrilling nights of yourlife. Have fun with it. Let your guard down as far as you are comfortablewith, and enjoy the experience.

Do you have any questions about threesome etiquette? Let us know. You canfollow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or talk with us at our storein Dallas. The Spot Boutique is located on Preston Road near the PresidentGeorge Bush Turnpike.

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Types of Non-monogamous Relationships

*Types of Non-monogamous Relationships*

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that most committed romantic relationship are between two people. In this typical relationship, both people have pledged to remain sexually and emotionally involved with only their partner. While monogamous relationships such as that are preferred by most people, there is a large community of equally committed and loving couples who practice non-monogamy.

These relationships come in many types, all of which include emotional and/or sexual contact with people outside of the primary relationship. Non-monogamous relationships, like their more exclusive counterparts, vary widely in terms of commitment, honesty, and openness. As a sex-positive blogger, it is really important to me to spread awareness about these relationships. However, before anyone can begin to understand thecomplexities of non-monogamy, they must first understand the basic categories under which these relationships may fall.

(Disclaimer: my partner and I are monogamous. The understanding I have of non-monogamous comes from the people I have met in my line of work, and extensive research.)


Even if you haven’t heard of any other term on this list, you are probably familiar with the concept of cheating. In a nutshell, cheating is sexual or romantic behaviour that occurs outside the present bound of a relationship. Cheating differs from other non-monogamous relationships because it is also non-consensual. In any other non-monogamous situation, everyone involved has talked about terms and boundaries until they are blue in the face. Everyone knows their role and has consented to the relationship being non-monogamous. In cheating, at least on person involved is completely unaware and has not consented to this relationship. That important distinction is what makes cheating unhealthy, while other types of non-monogamy can be beneficial.


If you’ve ever seen Big Love, Sister Wives, or any of the other TV shows about polygamy, you’re aware of this type of relationship. Pop culture is a little obsessed with polygamy, perhaps because it is so different from the way most people live. It’s important that we understand the practice and the people who live it.

Polygamy is the practice of having more than one wife or husband at a time. Typically, it is a husband with many wives. The big difference between this and other non-monogamous relationships is that the women all see the man as a husband. They may all raise children, make financial decisions, and live together. Typically, religious convictions drive people to participate in these relationships. Fundamentalist Mormons are well-known for polygamy in the United States, but there are other religions with this practice as well.

Open Relationships

Sometimes, the term “open relationship” is seen as a catch-all for non-monogamous relationships. In this arrangement, there is a primary couple, such as a husband and wife. This couple has agreed that at leastone of them is permitted to have intimate encounters with other people. There are many variations of the rules, all of which are discussed by the couple often. One partner may stay monogamous, while the other doesn’t. They may bring other people into their relationship together. It all depends on what the couple and any other involved parties decide.


Swinging is often considered a sub-set of open relationships. It typically means that a committed couple engages in sexual activity with other people at the same time. This can mean having threesomes, dating someone as a couple, or swinging with another committed couple. In the Dallas area, and many other big cities, there are clubs specifically designed for swingers to meet like-minded people. Sometimes swingers will hold parties at their homes for people to meet and possibly find another playmate.


If you break down the word “polyamory” it literally means “many loves.” It’s a perfect description of this type of non-monogamous relationship. Where swinging puts emphasis on one committed couples having sexualencounters with different partners, polyamorous people may have committed relationships with many different people at once. However, unlike polygamy, the partners do not consider themselves married. The other partners may also have relationships, think “triangle,” or they may not. The idea is to love and commit to more than one person.

Tips for the Curious

If you are considering entering a non-monogamous relationship, or opening a previously monogamous relationship, it is important to consider why you want to do this. Non-monogamy is not a magic bullet to fix a broken relationship. Instead, it is one way to have a healthy relationship. This is only my personal opinion, but I believe that monogamous couples should only become non-monogamous if they are in a good, healthy place in the relationship.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us. You can follow The Spot Boutique on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, feel free to stop by our store on Preston and George Bush in Plano.

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The PS Spot - The Best Kept Secret in Female Arousal

*The PS Spot - The Best Kept Secret in Female Arousal*

The longer I explore the erogenous zones, research human sexuality, and work in the adult industry, the more I learn. It began when I discovered that clitoral stimulation is amazing, but I still didn't believe in the g-spot. Then, more and more friends would tell me about their g-spot experiences, and I believed in it’s existence.

When I worked for a pleasure object manufacturer, I learned about how to find my own g-spot. From there, my passion for passion only grew. I learned about dual stimulation, anal stimulation for women, and prostatestimulation for men. And even after all this time, I'm still discovering new cool things about the human body.

For example, I’ve recently unlocked the secrets of a new (to me) erogenous area. This sexy, fun, interesting little part of a woman’s body is hardly even discussed in sex-education circles, much less in the general populace.It’s time to change all that. Ladies and gentleman, it’s time you were introduced to the PS-spot!

What is it?

The “PS-spot” is a term used to refer to the perineal sponge. This sensitive part of the vagina has all the right ingredients for an erogenous zone: arousal tissue, nerve endings, and blood vessels. Like the clitoris,the PS-spot gets ready for action when a woman gets turned on. Like the G-spot, it makes vaginal intercourse feel amazing. So, really, it’s the best of all worlds.

How do I find it?

The PS-spot is located directly across the vaginal canal from the G-spot. Many times, this is referred to as the “back wall” of the vagina. To find it, use your g-spot vibrator so that it curve opposite of the way younormally use it. Alternatively, you can ask your partner to do the “come hither” motion typically used for G-spot stimulation with their palm facing the other direction.

The PS-spot can also be stimulated via the perineum and/or anal stimulation. You or your partner can apply direct stimulation to the perineum with finger to try this out. If you are adventurous enough to tryanal penetration, a small plug will do. Make sure it has a flared base. You can even wear it during intercourse to double the pleasure.

How does it feel?

When the PS-spot becomes aroused, it swells and makes the vaginal canal tighter. This makes PIV sex more pleasurable for both partners in many ways, as you can imagine. For many people, it also feels amazing whenmassaged. Although, it may not be as intense as the G-spot or clitoris for you. (This is especially true the first few times you play with the PS-spot.) If you've ever been penetrated, loved it, but known it wasn't theG-spot being stimulated - you were probably feeling the PS-spot doing its thing.

What if it doesn't feel good?

Well, that’s just fine! PS-spot stimulation may not be for everyone. Every person’s body is different, and will react differently to stimulus. Be patient and find what works for you.

If you have any question about the PS-spot, or any other sexy topic, feel free to contact me. You can follow The Spot Boutique on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We would also love to see you in our store, located in Dallas on Preston Rd. near the George Bush Turnpike.

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Men with Small Penises Can Pleasure Women

*Men with Small Penises Can Pleasure Women*

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to throw out all the old ideas about penis size. Bigger is not always better. Of course, everyone has their preferences. However, better is always better.

There is a whole business that preys on the insecurities men have about their penis size. The spam emails and ads that are all over the internet these days should be proof enough. These ads tell men that their junk is not big enough to ever please a partner. They tell men that to be good enough, they need a 10 inches long. And once the man feels adequately inadequate, they tell you about a pill, potion, or tool that will magically fix all of this.

It’s all crap. None of what they say is true. Guys, you can absolutely make a partner have the best orgasm of their life, no matter what your penis size is. Furthermore, their product probably doesn't work. Why spend your time and money on a product that won’t accomplish a goal you don’t even need to set?

Instead of making the goal to have the biggest penis in all the land, focus on making your partner have an awesome orgasm. That’s how you become a legendary lover, my friend. Focus on them, not you.

If you are a straight guy with an average or smaller penis, I’m about to let you in on some big not-so-secrets. Ready? Let go of your ideas about penis size, open your mind, and get ready to learn.

Use your whole body

A penis alone will not bring pleasure to most women. Even if you were hung like a horse, you wouldn't be able to just stick it in and hope that makes her climax, right? Of course not. You have hips to thrust with, fingers to
play with, and a tongue to lick with. Learn to use these parts of your body, and learn to use them well.

Pay attention to the clitoris

70% of women cannot orgasm from penetration alone, the require clitoral stimulation to reach climax. even most of the 30% of women who can orgasm from penetration would appreciate some love on the clitoris. A great clitoral vibrator, like the Jimmyjane Form 2 may be great for her. If you want to make sure to stimulate the clitoris during sex (and yes, you probably do want to do that) you can check out a couples’ massager like the Tiani 2. Going back to the first tip, you can also just use your fingers
and/or tongue.

Make the most of what you have

Make every inch count by going as deep as you can. Liberator makes many pillow, wedges, and ramps that are specifically designed for deeper penetration. These tools angle the woman in a perfect way for the deepest penetration possible, and allow for perfect g-spot stimulation.

Learn what she likes

Every woman is completely different in the way they reach orgasm. Make sure you learn how your partner does it. Asking her how she likes it is a very sexy way to find out. You might even ask her to masturbate in front of you, and take mental note of how she moves her fingers.

When you’re in the heat of the moment, make sure to listen to her reactions. If you move a certain way, and she reacts positively, keep doing that thing. And, for the love of all that is good, if she says, “don’t
stop,” don’t stop.

Alright, gents. Are you ready to go out there and please your lady? Let me know if you have any questions. You can follow The Spot Boutique on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’d love to see you at our store on the Preston Rd. near the George Bush Turnpike.

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5 Sex Myths Busted

5 Sex Myths Busted

Sex is desired by most people, practiced by many, and understood by few. Most people have only a shallow understanding of sex, and believe at least a few sex myths. And who can blame us? After all, there are more sex myths than there are positions, and a new falsity is being invented every time I turn around.

And so, dear readers, I resolve to keep busting these myths until they all finally rest in the archives of the internet. Here are 5 sex myths that needs immediate busting:

1. If a woman doesn’t orgasm from penetration, something is wrong

If I had a nickel for everytime I’ve heard a woman claim that her vagina is broken, I wouldn’t need a job anymore. Women often think this because they can’t orgasm just from penetration during intercourse. Likewise, their partners believe they are inadequate because they cannot make their lady orgasm during penetration.

Ladies and gents, you are being self-conscious. About 75% of women cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation. If you’re part of this majority, you’re not broken, you just need to adjust your technique. Have one partner stimulate the clitoris during sex either with their fingers or a vibrator.

2. If a man doesn’t have an erection, he isn’t enjoying himself

Sure, an erection is necessary to actual PIV sex. However, erections are not needed during many fun foreplay activities. When a man is pleasing their partner orally, with their hands, or using a vibrator, they may not have an erection. Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean he is having a bad time.

With or without an erection, many men just enjoy giving the gift of orgasm to their partner. So let’s take the pressure off our pleasurable partners and just let them do their thing. Ok?

3. Bigger is always better

Way too many people believe this one. The truth is that a man who has a large penis is not automatically going to please every woman. Likewise, a man with a small penis isn’t going to be a letdown. It’s more about skill and compatibility.

A woman with an especially small vaginal canal and a man with an especially large penis are going to have a difficult time having sex. Same for the reverse. However, if both partner are willing to experiment a little, they can have a great time.

Performance anxiety, especially when caused by worry about size, can actually make sex worse. So guys, don’t worry about your size. Instead, think about how to use what you’ve got to your advantage.

4. Double the condom, double the safety

This one needs to go away, like right now. Not only is this myth inaccurate, it’s also dangerous. Think back to your High School physics class and try to remember the lesson on friction.

When two condoms rub together, they create friction. That friction quickly errodes the latex or other material. Then both condoms break and nobody is happy. One is more than enough.

5. Men peak in their 20s, women peak later

The very idea that at a certain time in your life your sexual needs will peak and then keep falling forever is totally bogus. You don’t turn a certain age, get super horny, and then decline from there. Thank goodness
because that would be incredibly sad.

Men and women experience many peaks and valleys throughout life. Sometimes your sexual needs vary day by day. Sometimes you will go months without needing much sex, and sometimes you’ll spend months craving it. All of that is totally normal and wonderful. Furthermore, sexual peaks and valleys are determined by a huge number of variables. Age is not the only contributing factor.

Did this give you better insight into your sexual well being? Are there other myths I need to bust? Let me know! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagra

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What's So Sexy About Spanking

What's So Sexy About Spanking

Recently, The Spot Boutique got a huge shipment of new spankers. We got more whips, riding crops, and paddles than I thought we could handle. As we  spent the day getting the spankers ready for you, I couldn’t help but wonder what makes spanking so damn sexy.

In this business you hear a lot about sensual spanking, and I always accepted it as fact that some people find it very erotic. Until the day we brought in the load of spankers, I never really wondered why. Curiosity eventually got the best of me, and I had to conduct some research - both online and personal.

It’s a common misconception that spanking is only for people who have psychological issues and/or just enjoy pain. The truth is that spanking can be sexy for many couples. When done correctly, erotic spanking can cause emotional, psychological, and even physical stimulation for both the spanker and the spankee. This can mean involving all aspects of arousal, which is the goal of foreplay and makes for better sex.

The emotional and psychological sides of spanking are all about vulnerability and trust. The spankee agrees to trust the spanker with their body in a whole new way, and trusts them completely. Being that vulnerable with someone opens the mind and body to new heights of intimacy. The spanker benefits from being trusted so fully and completely. This closeness is sure to bring both partners pleasures like never before.

Spanking isn’t just a mental game though. For the spanker, the physical benefits may be sort of obvious. They get a front row seat to one of the sexiest parts of their partner’s body. A good spanking also involves some caressing of the bum, and possibly the spankee laid over the spanker’s lap. All of this touching can easily get the spanker in just the right mood.

But what about the spankee? After all, a smack on the bottom is supposed to be a little painful. How could they possibly find spanking sexy? Well, the bum is one of the body’s most erogenous zones. Like genitals, bums have a lot of nerve endings that produce good feelings when stimulated. However, the genital’s nerve endings are close to the skin, while the bum’s nerve endings are buried under some tissue. This means that harder force is needed to stimulate the nerves around the bottom. Spanking gets the job
done nicely.

Furthermore, a good spanking gets blood flowing in the general direction. As a reaction to a swat on the bottom, your body sends a lot of blood to your nether regions. For women, this means the clitoris, labia, and g-spot all become enlarged and sensitive. For men, a spanking send blood to the penis and can cause an erection. More sensitive parts leads to better sex, which is the point.

If you and your partner are even remotely interested in spank play, I recommend you try it at least once. It can open the door to sexual intimacy and fantasy that you have never experienced before. You might find that it’s just what you needed to become truly sexually satisfied.

Do you have any questions about spanking? We’d love to hear from you. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also call us or stop by The Spot Boutique on Preston Rd., near George Bush Turnpike.

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Sexy Gifts for a Bride to Be

Wedding season is in full swing, which means it’s time for Bachelorette parties, lots of drinks, and plenty of sexy gifts for the bride-to-be. Finding a bridal present that is sexy and classy, useful and shocking, is no small task. Luckily, you’ve got The Spot Boutique to give you some suggestions.


1. Beautiful Lingerie



Not just any lingerie will do, of course. When buying lingerie for a bride, it’s important to find something that walks the thin line between sexy and sweet. Think along the lines of a white chemise with lace accents. Also, make sure to find something that will be forgiving in size. Since the bride isn’t trying on the lingerie, you may want to choose something with a little give.

2. A Couple’s Massager


Ultimately, any sexy bridal gift is for the groom as well. Why not opt for something that is meant to give both parties lots of pleasure? LELO makes a few great couple’s massager options, including the ever popular Tiani 2 and the rotating IDA. These pleasure objects will encourage closeness and pleasure for the couple, while being a great conversation starter for the bachelorette party. It’s a win-win.

3. Unique Sex-cessories


Sex is about so much more than ‘getting off.’ The newlyweds will be looking for ways to make their bedroom a romantic haven. The key is to find something that emphasizes the couple making a meaningful connection while upping the romance factor.

Try giving the bride one of Jimmyjane’s massage candles, which smell great and make amazing massage oil as they burn. Candlelight, sensual aromas, and massage oil? What could be more romantic? You could also opt for anything in Bijoux’s line of sex accessories. They have a sexy dice game, flavors you can write on and lick off your partner, and so much more.


For more personalized gift advice, visit The Spot Boutique near the corner of Preston and George Bush. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more sexy tips.

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Sex Toy Safety

As with everything you use on, in or around your body, there are certain safety precautions that must be taken when choosing or using a sex toy. Not all adult novelties are body-friendly. Not all lubes can be used with any vibrator. And anal sex can be tricky if you don’t know how to use your toy properly.

None of this is meant to worry you. When used correctly and safely, pleasure objects can actually benefit your overall health and well-being. At The Spot Boutique, we care for your safety as well as your pleasure. So, without further ado, here are our top tips for sex toy safety:

1. Always Buy Non-Toxic Toys

It may come as a shock to some, but not all adult novelties are safe to use in the body. Lesser quality toys can sometimes contain a type of chemical known as phthalates. The effects of phthalates on the human body are still being studied. However, it is suspected that these chemicals can cause infertility, certain kinds of cancers, and other dangerous infections.

We do not carry any toxic toys at The Spot Boutique. I cannot stress that fact enough. Like I said, we care deeply about your health and well being. We only carry pleasure objects from reputable brands like LELO, JimmyJane, Fun Factory, Tantus, and many others. Luckily, as awareness rises, so do the number of safe brands.

2. Mind Your Material

This goes hand-in-hand with tip #1. In buying safe sex toys, you want to make sure that you are choosing a material that is not very porous, and which can be easily cleaned. Pure silicone, like Tantus and Fun Factory use, are safe. Medical-grade plastic, as found in some LELO products, is also safe. Glass and metal can typically be boiled and are completely non-porous, making them the most safe of any materials.

3. Scrub-a-Dub Dub

Cleaning your favorite sex toys before and after every use is an absolute must! If you fail to do so, you risk getting a UTI or other infections. Cleaning your toy is simple to do, and takes hardly any time at all. It’s worth it to take the extra time, even when you can hardly wait to get that pleasure object going.

If your toy is waterproof, antibacterial soap and warm water is all you need. All pleasure objects, waterproof or not, can be washed with antibacterial spray, like the on LELO makes.  Be sure to clean all the nooks and crannies of your toy before use, then enjoy.

4. There’s Always Time for Lube

Using lubricant not only provide more safety and comfort, it can also make your experience more enjoyable. Lubricant is particularly needed for using anal pleasure objects. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate. So, in order to prevent tearing, use a long-lasting lubricant. We recommend System Jo’s anal lubricant, or a simple silicone-based lubricant like Uberlube.

5. Listen to Your Body

You are the only person who really knows what your body wants and needs. If something hurts, stop using it immediately (unless you’re using a whip or something that is supposed to hurt.) Basically, make sure you have a safe word, and use it if the need arises. Likewise, give your body the orgasms it needs and deserves.

If you take these basic precautions, using pleasure objects will be nothing but fun. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our safe sex toys, stop by our store on Preston Rd. and George Bush. You may also join us on Facebook and Twitter for more sexy facts and fun. .

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10 Things That Happen When You Spice Up Your Sex Life

Once you decide to leave plain vanilla sex behind, a world opens up filled with pleasure objects, positioning aides, handcuffs, and other fun things. Once you’ve braved this new world, you have a whole slew of experiences that your prude friends will never understand. If you are just about ready to spice up your sex life, here are 10 things you can expect to happen:

1. You try that thing that you will *never* do again


You’re still glad you ventured out, but you’ll never be doing that thing again. Whether it was a new position, a new kink, or even a certain partner, you’ve found where you draw the line.

2. You try something that was fun, but not amazing


Maybe you’ll try that position again, if your partner loves it. If not, you may leave it behind in pursuit of something better.


3. You will finally find that kinky thing that drives you wild


Ahhhh. Bliss at last. You’ll definitely be doing that again. Hopefully tonight.


4. Not having access to your favorite sex toy becomes pure agony



Give me the key to that lock, or face the wrath of a woman scorned.



5. You want to tell everyone about your new adventures


Finally, you’ve become sexually free. You are truly, really happy, and you want all your friends to be happy too. But…



6. You realize not everyone is comfortable talking about kinky sex


It doesn’t take long to understand that not everyone is as open as you are. So, you try to find somewhere you can comfortably discuss all the sexy stuff you like.


7. The clerks at the local sex store know you by name


You find that sex-positive store where the clerks are comfortable, even happy, to talk about sex. They aren’t pervy; they just genuinely want to help. After a while, when you walk in the clerk leads you right to the coolest new pleasure object so that you can gush over its new features together.

8. You and your partner become closer outside the bedroom

Good sex doesn’t just make your sex life better, it can enhance your relationship in every way. You find yourself flirting with your partner again, and being more comfortable with one another.


9. You also notice that you seem happier in your day-to-day life


Never underestimate the power of happy hormones. You have a sunny outlook on life now that your body is satisfied.


10. You know you’re never turning back



Most of all, you know you’ll never be vanilla again. Welcome to the club!


For more information on all the sexy stuff you love, follow The Spot Boutique Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also stop by our store on Preston Rd. and George Bush Turnpike.






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10 Truths Only Sex Toy Users Know

Buying your first pleasure object opens of whole new world of sexual satisfaction. Those of us who have discovered this brave new world are never turning back. Here’s why:

1. Once you find that perfect toy, you can't get enough of it



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How to Keep the Sex Life Alive in a Relationship

Contrary to popular belief, a long term relationship is not a death sentence on your sex life. In fact, a committed relationship can be the foundation for an adventurous sex life. Forget the stereotypes that have told you that couples have boring sex, or worse, no sex at all. Follow these easy tips and you'll have an incredible sex life with your partner!

1. Build a Foundation of Sexual Trust


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10 Interesting Sex Facts You Should Know

Sex is an inescapable part of our culture. Companies use sex in advertisements, and Hollywood uses sex in their storytelling. We attend sexual education classes in school, and we gossip about sex with our friends. Sometimes, we have sex to connect with another person. Other times, people have sex to create another person. And a lot of times, we have sex just because it’s fun.

Even though sex is such a large part of life, there are still thousands of things most people don’t know about this fun, weird, thrilling, and important behavior. Just for fun, we have rounded up the 10 most interesting facts about sex that you should probably know.

1. Vibrators were originally used in doctor’s offices


That’s right, the ancestor of your favorite pleasure object was a medical device. These early vibrators were used by doctors to treat ‘hysteria’ in women back in the 19th century.

Symptoms included nervousness, irritability, and sexual desire. Although an orgasm may seem like an awesome treatment, the vibrator used in a very clinical way by the doctor. It's not exactly sexy.

2. Orgasms can relieve headaches

Remember all those times you didn't want sex because your head hurt? Maybe you can try a pleasure object to relieve the headache, then go for round two with your partner!

3. ...and menstrual cramps

In fact, the flood of endorphines released during orgasm is a great all-over pain killer. 

We're not saying you should have intercourse during "that time," we're just saying that every woman should have a clitoral stimulator.


4. Men ogle faces first

An eye-tracking study by the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience found that  when looking at porn, men stare at the face of a woman before even looking at her genitals. 

5. Women look at genitals just as much as men

The study mentioned in #4 on this list also found that, when looking at pornography, women stared at genitals just as much as men. 

The study also concluded that what a woman focused on during pornography depended on her hormonal state.

Don't blame me, Ryan Gosling, blame my hormones. 

  6. Erotica has an awesome history

One of the first erotic novel was written way back in 1444 by a man named Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini. The book, called A Tale of Two Lovers, follows a passionate couple, and includes erotic illustrations. The book became a best seller.

Ready for the most fascinating part? The author went on the become Pope Pious II. Now that's a twist ending!

7. It's harder to lie to someone if you find them sexually attractive

So, next time you are trying to get the truth from someone, turn on the charm. It seems to work for plenty of hot spies in the movies.

8. Wearing high heels can negatively affect your orgasms

 According to Time  Magazine, "Certain high-  end shoe brands developed  the arch in their high-heeled  shoes to approximate the  arch in a woman’s pelvis  when she is having an  orgasm. The heels create a  contraction in the pelvic  floor, which is problematic  because the pelvic floor  then cannot contract further  during orgasm." Yikes!


9. A good sexual romp will burn lots of calories

30 minutes of a heavy make out session will burn an average of 238 calories. We would say that's a lot more fun than time on the treadmill. 


10. Dudes cuddle...with each other  

A recent study asked white, heterosexual, college-aged, male athletes if they had ever cuddled with another guy. 93% said that they had done so. 

Don't believe us? Check it out. We know it's not technically a "sex fact," but it's still really interesting.


What crazy, weird, awesome sex facts do you know? Tell us in the comments below. 



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4 Reasons to Fall for Fun Factory

4 Reasons to Fall for Fun Factory

You may have noticed that in the past few months, The Spot Boutique has expanded our selection of premium pleasure objects. When bringing in new products and brands, we were determined to get only the highest quality, safest, and most fun pleasure objects on the market. One such brand we couldn’t resist was Fun Factory. Since debuting our Fun Factory Fun Center, I have fallen head over heels for this exciting brand.

First, I was captivated by the unique functions of each product; these were like nothing I had ever seen before. I was enamoured with the products themselves. Then, as I began to learn more about their materials, production process, and social responsibility, I realized that the brand as a whole deserved my admiration.

It may seem silly to obsess over a brand, but it’s hard not to when there is such a small selection of truly great adult companies. When I discover an awesome brand like Fun Factory, I have to learn everything I can about them. So, without anymore aimless fangirling, here are the top four reasons I’ve fallen for Fun Factory.

1. Cutting Edge Innovation

In the mid-1990’s, the founders of Fun Factory were the first people to produce a 100% pure silicone pleasure object. They made “Paddy Pinguin” at their kitchen table as word of their revolutionary product spread. 

The small team then began producing more innovative products, which garnered worldwide attention. Fun Factory became the first adult pleasure company to receive praise and awards from the mainstream design community. They paved the way for other design-focused adult brands by being on the cutting edge of pleasure. Through their tremendous growth, Fun Factory has remained innovative and fresh.

One great example of this is the Stronic series. These pleasure objects are pulsators, which thrust themselves to create sensations no other pleasure object can. Their vibrating and non-vibrating pleasure objects are all exciting in their own right. With clever designs and constantly-improving motors, Fun Factory has proven itself to be an innovation powerhouse, and I can’t help but to love that.

2. A Little Something for Everyone

Most companies that have the same quality as Fun Factory make products that focus on single women and heterosexual couples. As a woman in a heterosexual relationship, this totally works in my favor. However, I have always felt like the luxury adult industry has largely left lesbians and men (straight and gay) out of the equation. Fun Factory gives those groups a seat at the table.


Many items on their roster can be used vaginally or anally, which means men can enjoy prostate stimulation. The Stronic Drei is one such product, and it offers a whole new world of awesome orgasms to men. Fun Factory’s large selection of high-quality anal stimulators gives voice not only to men, but also to women who like anal play. They also make two-way pleasure objects, strapless strap-ons, and other toys that lesbians and fans of pegging will enjoy. Even by taking a quick glance at the Fun Factory line-up, it’s clear that they, more than any other luxury brand, care about pleasure for all.

3. Socially Responsible Production

 Excuse me while my inner hippie chick runs free for a moment. Fun Factory is one of the most socially-conscious adult pleasure companies I have come across. With their fair labor standards, Fun Factory makes sure to take care of the community around them, and the world as a whole.

Fun Factory could not be further from sweatshops like the ones you hear are utilized by Nike and other such companies. Their factory is in Germany, and they pay those workers better-than-fair wages, give them plenty of breaks during the day, and provide great working conditions. It’s a lot easier to enjoy my pleasure objects when I know that it was made by people who were treated fairly.

4. Nothing Nasty

Did you know that some sex toys aren’t actually safe for use in/on your body? It’s true; some companies add chemical fillers that can cause irritation, infection, and even cancer. All brands that we carry are completely body-safe, and Fun Factory is no exception.

Fun Factory uses 100% silicone in it’s most pure form, and the proof is in the texture. The reason these products feel velvety, as opposed to rubbery, is that Fun Factory only uses silicone that is as raw as possible. Silicone is safe enough for hospitals, and it’s some of the safest material in the adult long as no chemicals are added along the way. I would never buy a pleasure object that wasn’t completely body safe, and I don’t recommend it to you either.

I could go on and on about Fun Factory. In fact, I already have. While this may seem like a commercial, I can assure you that it is not. Fun Factory is not paying me to say any of this; I just love the brand. Since we recently brought it in, and some of our dear readers may not be familiar with them, I thought I would share the love.

What’s your favorite adult brand? Tell us in a comment below. If you have any questions, you can always come by the store, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or give us a call. We would love to hear from you.







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Luxurious Oral Sex Simulator for Women

For many women, receiving oral sex is pretty much the pinnacle of sexual bliss. Whether it is the main event or part of your warm-up routine, oral sex can basically be the best thing ever. However, single women (and women with anti-cunnilingus partners) may find themselves missing those uniquely exciting sensations that can only come from really great oral.

If you are one of the women craving an oral sex fix, allow me to introduce you to your new best friend: LELO ORA. With the quality and beauty you have come to expect from LELO, the ORA has earned it’s title as the ‘world’s most sophisticated oral sex simulator.’ The bead underneath the soft silicone surface can be set to move quickly from side to side, or to swirl around the surface and build anticipation.

Whether you tend to enjoy seductive twirls of pleasure, quick flicks of the tongue, or a combination of both, you will experience true sexual satisfaction. Furthermore, you can adjust the vibration level during your ORA journey. You can switch between 10 stimulation modes to find the perfect combination for you. Oral sex simulation + vibration = sexual euphoria. The LELO ORA has a design that is both alluring and functional. The gold inner color matches brilliantly with the bold silicone colors to create a visual work of art.

Meanwhile, the ring in the middle of the ORA serves as a handle for easy use. (Pro-tip: the ORA works well with the Liberator Bon Bon. Hands free oral sex simulation is always a winner in my book.) Like all LELO products, the ORA comes with a 10 year guarantee. It is waterproof, which is great news for anyone who likes a little bathtime play.

As you may have guessed, the ORA is rechargeable as well. This amazing new product, like everything at The Spot Boutique, is made of completely body-safe materials. The ORA is bound to keep oral sex connoisseurs highly satisfied.

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What are Sex Shops Like?

If you’ve ever been into The Spot Boutique in Dallas Texas before, you are already familiar with how comfortable and clean a sex shop can be. However, you may know some people who still believe the myths surrounding stores like The Spot.

These widespread myths led to fear of the sex shops themselves. No place is the fear of sex shops more clear than in Texas, particularly Plano, where some people are trying to outlaw sex shops and other sexually oriented businesses. So, in order to combat the fear and misconception, here are a few Sex Shop Myths, followed by the truth.

Myth 1: Sex Shops Harm the Community

Sexual desires are a natural part of all life; without these desires, our species would have died out a long time ago. Sex shops exist to assist people in finding ways to satisfy these natural desires in safe ways. We simply exist to make people happy. Happy people make better neighbors, and better neighbors improve the community. Everybody wins!

Furthermore, sex shops are often times locally owned small businesses. Small businesses like this provide local jobs, and give to the local economy. All-in-all sex shops are actually quite good for the community.

Myth 2: Sex Shops Only Attract Perverts

This myth often goes hand-in-hand with the idea that sex shops are bad for the community. However, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth. People who visit sex shops are just like anyone else, they desire a satisfying life which includes a healthy sex life. Many of the people we help at The Spot are couples looking to add romance back into their marriage, or people trying to stay faithful in long distance relationships.

Myth 3: Sex Shops are Gross

I will concede that there may be some sex shops that make you go “ewww,” but that’s certainly not a universal truth. These days, sex shops like The Spot Boutique are making a conscious effort to keep everything squeaky clean. In order to do so, we are making sure the shop sparkles with cleanliness, and that all proper precautions are taken when handling pleasure objects. Don’t believe me? Stop by The Spot Boutique and see it with your own eyes.

Myth 4: People Who Work in Sex Shops Want to Sleep with You

Don’t take this personally, Internet friend, but I am not remotely interested in sleeping with you. You’re probably very attractive and kind, but we just aren’t like that. The people at your local friendly sex shop want to help you with your sex life, but that doesn’t mean they want to be a personal part of it.

Does this information make you rethink your stance on sex shops in your community? Are you willing to stop in and see for yourself what it’s all about? Share the information and dispel the myths by sharing this with you friends!

If you want more information about this, or any other adult topics, feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, leave a comment below, or see us in person! We hope to hear from you soon!

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The Spot Boutique is Nominated for Best Boutique by AVN

Dallas, TX, 12/3/2013 — The Spot Boutique has been nominated for the AVN Best Boutique award for the 31st Annual AVN Awards. The AVN Award Show is the biggest night of the year for the adult industry, and honors adult oriented companies for their achievements.

15 nominees were chosen for this award from all across North America. The Spot Boutique was chosen based on a number of criteria, including its contribution to the industry as a whole and its growth. Although the locally-owned Dallas boutique has been open for less that 2 years, this nomination shows that The Spot Boutique has caught the attention of the adult industry.

“We are honored, surprised, and humbled by this nomination,” said Mackenzie Maxwell, the marketing manager for the store, “We love what we do, and I think that shows in the quality of our store. Being nominated for such a coveted award is just icing on the cake.”

The Spot Boutique opened its doors in 2012, and has since been on the forefront of the sex-positive culture in Dallas. The Spot Boutique offers a clean and safe environment for couples, women, and men to find everything they need to achieve sexual wellness. The friendly and knowledgeable staff provide a sex-positive environment in which Dallas area resident can ask questions, learn, and elevate their love life. More information about The Spot Boutique can be found on their Web site:


Contact person: Nick Zarbinian

Company name: The Spot Boutique

Telephone number: (972) 818-8400

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website address:

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Crave Vibrators: Our Hottest New Product

Ladies and gents, I am here to introduce you to your new obsession: Crave!


Crave is a luxury adult brand which makes powerful, quiet and beautiful little vibrators made for people who believe sex should be fun and exciting. This company has been creating quite a buzz (pun intended) in the adult industry as well as mainstream media, but until now no Dallas/Plano area shops were selling these items. So, you can imagine how excited I am to announce that The Spot Boutique has now brought Crave to the Dallas Metroplex

Earlier this week, we began displaying and selling the Solo and Duet vibrators from Crave, both of which are stunning in their own right. My first impressions of Crave were all incredibly positive. Now that I've had some time to get to know the Solo and Duet, here are my thoughts:

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Health and Sexual Benefits of Masturbation

Many people in the South grow up being told by their elders that if they masturbate too much, something bad will happen. Little boys run around Dallas thinking that if they tug on their wiener, they will grow hair on their palms or go blind. Too many of these people are never taught anything else, and go into adulthood with the standing belief that masturbation is somehow bad for them. 

Eventually, the question will run through their mind: Is masturbation really unhealthy?

The simple answer is, "No!" (I could leave it there, but a one-word answer from a sex blog is probably not going to undo a lifetime of repression.) 

In general, the medical community regards masturbation as a normal and healthy part of life. In fact, it actually packs a number of amazing health benefits for men and women alike! 

(Disclaimer: Some of these benefits can be reaped through any orgasm, whether it's achieved solo or with a partner. However, if you're not having sex every single night, masturbation is a huge part of a balanced sex life.)

Why Masturbation is Healthy for Everyone

1. Masturbation improves sexual health. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it has to be said. Knowing your own body, and understanding what you like is key to developing a healthy attitude toward sex. Being in tune with your own body in such an intimate way can help foster confidence and self-acceptance, both of which are vital to your mental health.

2. Masturbation is the safest form of sex. Solo play and mutual masturbation are ways to experience sexual pleasure with a much lower risk of infection and/or pregnancy.

3. A little self-exploration is a great cure for stress. If you are using orgasms as a way to relieve tension, it can be better to go alone. This way, you get all the benefits without having to live up to anyone else's expectations. 

Why Masturbation is Healthy for Women

Although society doesn't discuss female masturbation as much as it discusses male masturbation (think American Pie, etc.), most women pleasure themselves in privacy. In fact, some researchers say that masturbation is how most women experience their first orgasm. Whether using a pleasure object or your own hand, pleasuring yourself to orgasm can provide you with a lot of benefits:

1. Frequent orgasms strengthen your pelvic floor, which leads to more bladder control, better labor, and a slew of other benefits.

2. Masturbation can relieve menstrual cramps. I know that sounds really gross, but it helps! Keep yourself clean by using a clitoral vibrator to do your dirty work for you. Your cramps will dissolve, and it's much more fun than a heating pad!

3. Solo play can have massive benefits for your reproductive system! It aids in preventing and relieving those horrible UTIs and cervical infections. I'd sure rather have a little extra alone time than spend another day getting antibiotics from a doctor!

Why Masturbation is Healthy for Men

Whether due to cultural/religious reasons, or genuine health concern, many men believe that masturbation is unhealthy. Although I am not here to tackle religious beliefs of any kind, here are a few ways masturbation can actually improve your health:

1. Some scientists believe masturbation could relieve symptoms of hay fever. Ejaculation causes less inflammation  in blood vessels throughout the body, which means less inflammation in your nose! You'll still need the tissues, but not for your nose...

2. Daily ejaculations lead to healthier sperm. If you want to have the biggest, baddest swimmers around, climax every day!

3. By cleaning out your system regularly, frequent ejaculation can help prevent prostate cancer. 


These are just a few of the benefits you can have from frequent sexual pleasure. If you have any questions about healthy masturbation, talk to your doctor. Then, come by The Spot Boutique for all the tools you need to have a good time.

If you want more information on this or any other adult topics, you can like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter ,

leave a comment below, or see us in person!  We hope to hear from you soon!

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